Sous Vide °Celsius

Opinionated Sous Vide recommendations.

Get started, look up sous vide time and temperatures, set app timers and control your Sous Vide device – all in one app.

Temperature reference guide for all Sous Vide units

We tested a bunch of ideas for a variety of ingredients. Get our time and temperature recommendations for a limited range of foods!

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Control your Anova

You have an Anova Precision Cooker and an iPhone 4S/iPad 3, or newer? Then you can remote control the Anova with the Sous Vide °Celsius app. Heat up your waterbath, start, stop, rewind and get notified when your food is ready.

“Sous Vide °Celsius packs in some of the features we wish Anova included” - The Sweethome


Get started with the Sous Vide technique? A tutorial consisting of five easy steps shows you what to try first.


A completely new Know-How section - technical sous vide terms explained!

We looked up the best ressources to come up with Sous Vide know-how, that makes you feel smart and safe!


Time your cooking from right inside the app. Sous Vide °Celsius timers contain simple step-by-step instructions. We believe that you are creative enough to turn them into great food!